Thursday, January 10, 2008

Blog Design

Since Scribbit made me think of it... here it is, my notes list of what I like about various blog designs. Don't laugh, this is the raw, unedited version. It isn't pretty. :-)

If any of you have spare time and want to look at these as well, let me know if you notice any themes. That might make it easier for me to communicate with whoever I choose to hire.

Ideas from The Blog Cafe:
· I like the color palette & the layout of the graphics and title of this site –
· I like the simplicity of the scene, though I don’t want a beach scene, and I like the toned down color palette here -
· I like the way this scene is stylized, but not the business-y part or the bubbles of it… it would need to be of a home-setting w/ a baby on the floor. If there was a desk in my design then it should have a picture of my family in it –
· I like the way the family is depicted in front of the window -
· One might think I would like this one - - but the palette is all wrong for me and I don’t want to be seen changing a diaper, though I do like the way the woman is sitting.
· I like the font on this one - and this one - and this one too -
· I like how the design is asymmetrical and comes down on the left, while the blog starts higher up into the design (does that make sense?) -
· I like this layout, it is very elegant -
· I think this is my favorite design from The Blog CafĂ©. I love the background and the woman at the top without a face. I would prefer a woman with an apron (vintage style) and a baby -

Busy Mom -
Parents Holding baby -

Blue Bird:
I like the peacefulness of this design -

Organized Doodles - maybe I should just have my own picture drawn???

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  1. It's difficult to get much notice for design when you're in Blogger (sadly, sigh) though I think it's rather unfair. Most of the kudos go to Wordpress blogs in the design department it seems.

    I'll have to go take a peak, though I recognize a few and agree with you completely.

    You have a nice, clean blog, one site I found was one that took famous paintings and broke down their color palettes. I'll have to see if I can google it and find it again but it was at the top of Digg for a while. Fun site.


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