Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Random Thoughts

Charlotte slept so well last night! I attribute that to the wonderful swaddling technique I am now using. It might sound obvious to seasoned moms out there, but I finally figured out how to keep her from breaking her swaddle. I left 1 arm out. Simple, I know. It took me 2 nights to figure out which arm needed to be out, but I got it. She stirred last night when she was hungry, but otherwise slept all night. I think I woke up more than she did. Yeah!

This morning I did a good mommy thing and went out and got the car started a few minutes before we had to leave. As I lifted my daughter out of her exersaucer to leave, I felt a certain dampness on her backside. Yep, you guessed it… she blew out her diaper, right through her outfit. And it was a cute outfit too. It was plaid and footed with little embroidered hearts all over the peter pan collar. The hat that went with it was adorable too! Now though, I had to get her out of that outfit and into something clean, including a new diaper. It delayed our departure another 5-7 minutes and the car was super-toasty when we got in. That was after Bruce went out and turned down the heat so we wouldn’t be too hot. Just goes to show that at this young age, babies dictate our schedules instead of the other way around.

I am hoping that by being back at school we can settle into a routine again. After a full week of constant attention from 4-6 adults, Charlotte did not handle the quietness at home the last couple of days as well as I would have hoped. She had a high need to be held and cuddled. Between Bruce and I we met that need quite well but my house isn’t as neat and tidy as I would like. Oh well, that is part of the surrender I have decided to make to have a life with children in it.

Last night, I did take a big step towards making my life what I need right now. I stepped down from serving as the media person for our church’s praise team. It was a decision I have been agonizing over more a few months, but wasn’t sure I could make. I truly enjoy helping out but being away from home an extra night each week is hard. Especially now that I am trying to establish a bed-time routine that coincides with the time of practice. Also, I need to concentrate on fulfilling the requirements to earn my Professional Teaching Certificate. I’ve slacked on that for more than a year and I really need to get it done ASAP (by May).

I have some goals for 2008 that I want to share, but am still working on deciding which ones are the most important. I know I can’t accomplish all of them so I am still thinking about which ones are most important. Do you have any suggestions for what I should be working on this year???


  1. Jenn~I am sure getting back to WW is high on your list. I know you were so happy when you were rocking the smaller clothes! I think you would be a better mom and wife if you did that again.(Not that you aren't great already-but you would feel like you were better) I am sure Bruce would appreciate it as well. When you feel better about yourself, it comes through with parenting skills. You can focus more on what needs attention and not have to think about weight.....


  2. Hi Jenn… I am sure you will say at the end that there is nothing about faith in this article below but I ask you to just read it and take it at face value for what it is; what and how we can just “be” in the New Year. Our lives, besides just the words we speak or write, tell the world who we are and if we are someone they look up to or respect, or maybe see something different in our lives that they may be lacking in theirs; then what an opportunity we have to share the “Who, what and why” that makes our lives as joyful, as blessed, as caring, as giving, as trusting in God in all things and situation, as just being in His presence makes us feel humble! I agree with a lot of her comments below about not needing to recreate ourselves each year but I do see the need to reach, grow, take care of ourselves, be the light in the darkness, speak truth when asked but with a soft voice in love at all times so they may not only hear but really listen. I know this isn’t what you were expecting when you asked a question in your blog about what did we (whoever chose to answer I assume) thought you should put for your New Year goals this 2008. Its’ this…just BE the best example of what having God in your life means to you in a voice that others can hear and see.
    I love you! Mom

    During the first few days of every year it seems that I read a magazine article, watch a television commercial or view a morning show that starts off with the phrase, “New Year-New You.” These pieces always suggest that the New Year is the perfect time to start again, to lose all the weight we ever gained, to find the love of our life, to get a new hairdo, to get rid of the old and embrace the new, and to change into something better than what we were before.
    Well, I have to confess, there is something about those four little words, “New Year-New You,” that just doesn’t sit right with me. They annoy me. Okay, they annoy me a lot. Truth be told, these four little words completely drive me crazy. I mean WHY would any woman really want to be a “new you” in the New Year? Haven’t most of us worked really hard to create who we are? Why is new better? Why is such complete change so good for us? Isn’t it okay to be who we are?
    I just don’t see the need for all that new stuff. The way I see it you are already wonderful, unique, a work of art, a one of a kind. You are on the journey of creating you, discovering who you are, defining what matters, making relationships and building your life. You have put a lot of time, consideration and heart into all the decisions you’ve made to create the one and only you. I am pretty sure that all the new stuff and a new hairdo alone won’t make you happy. Well-being and happiness come only when you honor your journey, respect your choices, stretch to meet your next goals and value who you are.
    You don’t need to start over again every year or ever again because your journey began long ago, and all the learning and discovery along the way is yours to keep and use as you continue to create the life you imagine.
    So, instead of looking at making yourself all over again this coming year, I’d like to impart just a small piece of advice. My one word of wisdom as you turn toward the New Year is BE.

    BE You-There is only one you, you are a gift, an original, no one else is qualified for the job! We need you. Be everything that you are. Be happy, be sad, be everything in between. Embrace the world with your own genuine style, do it your way, show us a new way and leave your mark on the world.

    BElieve in yourself-Believe in your instincts and in that little voice deep down inside that speaks to you. Let go of fear and let your skills, talent, beauty and ideas shine through. Henry Ford said something that I love: “If you think you can or think you can’t you are probably right.” If you believe in yourself there is nothing that you can’t do.

    BE Passionate-Go for it, give it all you’ve got, live life like it matters, put your heart into everything you do, live loud, reach for the stars, dream big, get excited, go for it, feel life, taste life, hear life and celebrate life.

    BElong to something you believe in. Join an organization. Start a club or find a group of friends whose ideas, company and values mean something to you.

    BEgin today-Every day is an opportunity to learn something or discover something or someplace. Be curious, play, go out on a limb, walk a different way to work, try a new food at dinner, and keep learning and growing.

    BEcome what you dream to be. Set goals, identify what matters, focus on where you want to go and go there. You are in the driver’s seat-you are not the passenger when it comes to following your dreams. You are in charge so take a detour, take the back roads, get lost or decide your dream has changed just be sure you stay on the journey.

    BEdazzle with your smile and laughter. Laugh until it hurts, until you cry, until you have everyone in the room laughing and you can’t laugh anymore. Laughter is an instant vacation so have fun, play and enjoy life. Light up the room with sunshine and flash that beautiful smile. Remember a smile is a little curve that straightens everything out.

    BEhave like it’s your last day on the planet. Live in the moment; celebrate you and the people you love. Connect, hug, tell people that you appreciate them, sleep late or get up early, watch the sun rise or set. Use your senses and taste, hear and see the beauty all around you.
    Say I love you as many times as you can.

  3. Jenn--

    I EXACTLY what this means!

    "Between Bruce and I we met that need quite well but my house isn’t as neat and tidy as I would like. Oh well, that is part of the surrender I have decided to make to have a life with children in it."

    Just wait till she starts contributing to making a mess LOL

    We are ALWAYS on top of the kids to put something away. I tripped, and almost fell when I was prego with Michael because one little toy was not put away, and I could not see it.

    The more precious kids we have the harder it is to keep a clean house.....the work is NEVER done ;)


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