Tuesday, January 15, 2008

New Baby Noise

This past weekend Charlotte started making a new noise. It is too cute to not share with everyone.


  1. How cute! Michael makes all kinds of noises, so we ask him what he is talking about all the time. It's really funny when they are babbling.

    I miss Amber and Alyssa's little babbles. Wait till your baby girl starts talking! There aren't enough granola bars in the world LOL!

    I still remember when Amber was in K her teacher asked the students what comes at the end of a sentence. Amber raised her hand and said "A period, but my mommie doesn't have a period any more because she is going to have a baby (Alyssa)!"

    Who knew at 5 yrs old she understood what my doctor was saying when I was asked about the first day of my last "you know what" LOL

    I just about died when her teacher told us LOL!
    After this we had to make new rules and we teach them, what is said or goes on at home, stays at home!

    Teachers hear all kinds of stuff!

  2. That is a hilarious Amber story! But I don't get the granola bar comment.

  3. I keep replaying it and just chuckeling :)


  4. LOL
    Granola bars are very chewy!
    Kids usually try talking while they have food in their mouths. We are always reminding the girls at the dinner table to not talk with their mouths full.

    Anyway, try asking a child a question while they are chewing on a granola bar! It's funny.....they can't really say anything, and you can't really make it out. There is an old joke about being out in public and the child goes to say something that parents usually don't want revealed so they stick a granola bar in their mouth then look up and smile.


  5. Based on how much she is talking these days, I better make sure I stock up on granola bars. Oh wait! No more stockpiling for me! :-)


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