Monday, January 23, 2012

My Spaghetti Stick is Sexist

Does anyone else ever have a hard time trying to figure out how much dry spaghetti to make per person? We never seem to get it right at our house. I usually make too much and Bruce usually makes too little. And those times when I measure it to get exactly one serving (like when I was on Weight Watchers), I always laugh at the portion size. It is about half of what I really want to give myself.

A long time ago Bruce asked me to buy him that gadget with the holes in it that suggest how much pasta you need for a certain amount of people. I do try to be frugal so when I found this one at the local thrift store for only 25 cents, I just scooped it into my basket... without even really looking too close.

I seriously doubt it is going to solve MY portion size problem though... at least Bruce and teenagers will be eating well.

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