Monday, January 02, 2012

Christmas Day Celebrations

We started our Christmas day off by going to church. It was a great way for us to keep our focus on the reason for celebrating and to remind the girls that we exchange gifts with one another as a way to remember the gifts that the Magi brought to Jesus when he was a toddler. 

I got the girls all dressed up and we posed in front of the tree for some sister love. We say "no to the dress" around here, so Mary is wearing a dressed handed down from her friend Clara and Charlotte is wearing a Matilda Jane dress I won from DesignHer Momma.


After church, we fed the girls a quick lunch (hot dogs and yogurt!) and then began opening gifts.

It sure does look like a lot of stuff in that picture doesn't it? Fortunately, it wasn't all for those 2 sweet angels up above and it was divided between 7 of us.

Charlotte loves her new purple hat...

And Grumpy and Grandpa liked their new travel mugs. The girls had painted these and made finger print fish on them. It was an inexpensive way to involve the girls in their own gifting.

Clearly Mary was excited about her new baby doll.

And Bruce about this power outlet for his motorcycle.

My mom got her annual Sabin family photo book...

And the girls got their annual "Sisters and Friends" book. Each Christmas I make a book with photos of the two of them from that year. I only make one copy so they'll always have to remain close enough to one another to share.

And my gifts? Well, I got a new touch screen phone from my parents and Bruce is sending me away to The Gospel Coalition National Woman's Conference next Summer. I've already registered and am excited about the sessions I'm signed up for!

What about you? How did you celebrate Christmas?

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