Wednesday, January 04, 2012

How I Manage My Blog Reading Time

A recent post by Joy at Church Planting Confessions, sparked an idea to share with you how I manage my blog reading time. I've had to become more intentional with my online time recently for lots of reasons, including my desire to spend more time with my family and declutter my home.

The main tool I use to manage my blog reading is Google Reader. Every blog I read is given a label and categorized by the type of blog it is. Some of my categories include 'Friends' (real life friends who blog), 'Moms' (other mom blogs that I find interesting), 'Church' blogs (from pastors and ministries I respect), 'Missions' (written by missionary moms), 'Miscellaneous' (crafts, fashion, or other random topics), and 'Homeschooling'.

I read my friend's blogs first to keep up with their lives, even if I see them regularly. It helps us get into deeper conversations when we are together. Reading my friend's blogs is also a way to help my children connect with their friends. I can show the pictures to my daughters and they can see what their little friends are up to.

Then, I read those mom blogs who have a life completely different from mine. The three I read first are Urban Servant - a large bi-racial adoptive family, Our Little Tongginator - an international adoptive family, DesignHer Momma - a really hip momma who tells it like it is. These blogs help me keep my own life in perspective and it is interesting to me to see how other families work.

Everything else comes after that as time permits. I usually scan the other categories to see if anything catches my eye, but most of the reading in those areas is done only once or twice a month.

Also, I've had to limit my blog commenting in the past year as my time has become more scheduled. It's hard to not say everything I always want to in response to other's posts, but it can really be a time zapper because I always want to be so thoughtful with my comment. Plus, I am a constant self-editor so even short comments take a long time to write, to make sure the context is clear and I am being understood.

And that is how I manage my blog reading time.

How do you do it? What's your technique for not becoming overwhelmed by all the great blog content out there?


  1. Thanks for linking back to me. I've been considering a follow-up post. Perhaps I should just send people here...

  2. @Joy - If you think it would be helpful, share away!


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