Thursday, January 26, 2012

Mary's Progress

Tonight, Mary uttered her first 5 word sentence - "My daddy drink my milk."

That's the kind of thing that only a parent can appreciate. This happened towards the end of dinner tonight and when her declaration was over, Bruce and I just looked wide-eyed at one another. "Five words." We both had silly grins on our face after we watched Mary pull this off.

It's possible that no one else will see how big of a deal this is, but we do. We've watched her explode in language over the last two months. There are few words that she is no longer willing to attempt. We get to have real conversations with her now. Her pronunciation often needs to be translated by me, but I don't mind. It just thrills me that she is trying to make more noise. (Well, in theory it thrills me. Not so much when we are in a confined space like our car.)

Also, Mary might be one of the funniest children around. There is not a week that goes by where someone doesn't tell me, "Mary cracks me up." Apparently, while she's hanging out in the nursery at church she is making them laugh. I'm just glad she shares her sense of humor with us at home too.

Here's an example of her humor. We have this conversation a couple of times a day:
Me: Mary, what time is it?
Mary: Ee ti (sleep time)
Me: What does that mean?
Mary: No um, No kai (no jump, no cry)
Me: What are you supposed to do?
Mary: imitates snoring sounds

My Mary is too adorable for words! She is adventurous and loves to laugh and I love spending my days with her!


  1. Yeah! I noticed, too, that she had started talking a lot more! Happy night for you all!

  2. Yay! Thats awesome. I'm still waiting for Nevaeh to say I five word sentence. Love her necklace :)

  3. Awww, thanks for sharing! I love it when lil' ones learn new words. My own son has a speech delay and it's always so wonderful to hear him try a new word or phrase, even if everyone outside the family needs a translator!


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