Saturday, January 07, 2012

Date Night Idea

Over the summer I began swapping childcare with a mom who lived nearby. One of the swaps we do is for a date night, about once a month. The first few months it was enough to just have a meal together and hang out... but now that we've been doing this consistently for several months, we need to mix things up and make them more interesting for both of us. It is just too easy to let all of the conversation be about things that we need to talk about, like the children, budgets, or our schedule for the coming week.

Inspired by a good price on Arts Cow playing cards, I decided to create a set that we'd be able to use for playing games on our date nights. The first date night we use them might be the most fun though, because I designed these cards with room to write on the back of them.
The plan is for each of us to get 2 suits of cards and then write out one thing on the back of each card that we love about the other person. I think fine tipped permanent markers would work best for this project so they don't smear and hold up to actually being used.

I intentionally tried to keep the cards masculine so my husband wouldn't mind using them. This would also be a fun gift to make for your children too and that opens up a much broader range of design possibilities.

EDIT: A clever friend of mine who will remain nameless was inspired by the idea and made these cards as a surprise 40th birthday gift for her husband:
What is your best, inexpensive date night activity idea?


  1. so cute! can everyone get the 99 cents deal on the cards? i want to make some! for valentine's day :)

  2. @Karen - As of this afternoon it was still available. Here's a link to details about the deal.


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