Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Review: Versona Accessories

I love accessories. They can make any outfit go from just plain to something that looks like you actually care about how you present yourself. Something as simple as a single scarf can show that you put some thought into what you put on that morning.

Recently, I was contacted by Versona Accessories to shop at the grand opening of their newest store in Lakeland, FL. Armed with a complementary $25 VIP gift card, I set off with both my girls to see what I could find.

Initially, just from browsing around the Versona website, I did not have high hopes of getting too much out of my $25. They do not sell their items online, which means there were no prices. And my mom always taught me that if you have to ask how much something costs, you probably can't afford it. Plus, everything looks very nice so I knew it was going to be out of my price range.

I. Was. Wrong.

Versona Accessories is an amazing store to shop for just the right accessory. When I walked into the store the first section was full of purple accessories. In case you are new here, I love purple. That was a great way to start my shopping experience. The rest of the store is also organized around color. This makes it super easy to find just the right thing to match your outfit.

Imitation animal print bag in dark purple, $21.99

The selection in each color was different too. There was a super wide variety of scarves, purses, jewelry, and clothing to choose from. And speaking of clothing... can you imagine how TOTALLY shocked I was to discover that they carried extended sizes? Up to 26 if I remember correctly. That is practically unheard of in the retail world. Women of a certain size always have to go to their own department to find clothes, and they are never as chic as what is on the smaller rack. But that isn't true at Versona.

Gorgeous scarves, $11.99 each
Also, the prices for everything were very reasonable. To me, the prices were what I'd expect to see during a really good sale at a department store. I've already worn the gauzy purple scarf in my hair and it made me feel like a gypsy.

Truly, there wasn't anything I didn't like about Versona. All of the employees were attentive. The selection was impressive. The prices were affordable. And there is such a bright atmosphere.

Right now, Versona is holding a sweepstakes for a $100 gift card. They are choosing 1 winner each week. You can enter the Versona sweepstakes here.

Have you ever been to Versona? What did you think?

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