Sunday, December 18, 2011

Oral B & Mommy Parties

I've had a lot of fun hosting parties with Mommy Parties. My most recent sponsored party experience featured Oral B Stages toothbrushes and toothpaste. We started with some yummy snacks and fun gift bags. Each guest received a toothbrush, full-size toothpaste, coupons, and a full-size Disney Baby Naturals body wash/shampoo. I also threw in some fun kid-friendly flossers that my own daughters like to use.

My favorite snack (other than the Jello Jigglers!) was the "tooth brushes" I made out of pretzel rods dipped in chocolate, then rolled in chopped peanuts.

After we played a game with some toothy flash cards, the children enjoyed watching the new Winnie The Pooh movie. I'll be perfectly honest though, they only really enjoyed the movie for about 5 minutes... then their attention spans couldn't handle that many kids trying to sit still in the living room.

Instead, the moms talked about helping our children keep healthy teeth and which products we all liked to use. I am especially happy about the Disney Baby shampoo because it is sulfate free.

Overall, everyone had a good time, even if it was kind of chaotic trying to corral so many children under 4 years old to watch a movie.

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  1. I like the giveaways for the children. The activity looks enjoyable and the treats it seems are what the children love. This is a good social practice about oral health.


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