Thursday, December 08, 2011

My Christmas Decorations

Believe it or not, 2011 is the first year that my family has ever really put up a Christmas tree. When it was just Bruce and I it never really seemed all that important, especially since we were usually traveling on the holiday itself. But last year, after Christmas was over, I snuck over to a clearance sale and bought a 6 1/2 foot fake tree. It's been hiding in my daughters' closet ever since. Well, until Black Friday.

And then last night, it was finally adorned with ornaments that I've been collecting over the last 14 years. I especially love my tree topper, which has been sitting on tables for the last few years since it never had a tree to go on. It is a metal nativity piece featuring Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus.

For posterity's sake, I thought it might be a good idea to note when some of my favorite ornaments were acquired so my children won't have to guess one day.

This ornament is from Charlotte's first Christmas.

And this one is from Mary's. Her's is dated 2008 instead of 2009 (the year she was born) because I bought it on clearance after Christmas, in anticipation of her birth that coming Fall. Hope she appreciates that frugal legacy!

We don't do Santa in the Sabin household, but I can get behind the notion in this ornament. It was a gift from my mom in 2009 after she found me admiring her similar table piece. She actually collects Santas.

This ornament was from Charlotte's 3rd Christmas. It suited her perfectly because she loved coloring on the sidewalk in front of our home.

In 2010, Hallmark produced this UNICEF ornament that I chose for Mary. It is whimsical and I thought it suited the heritage of her name.

I don't really remember how many years ago I purchased this laser cut ornament. But I have 2 of them in this series and think they are beautiful.

In the weeks before Christmas 2010, Ms. Lindsey was babysitting my girls and made these hand ornaments with them. The snowmen are the fingers from their hand prints and each plastic ornament is filled with glitter and other holiday scatter. I showed these ornaments to the girls this morning and marveled with that at how much their hands had grown in the last year.

I purchased this ornament in 2005 while in China. It is a reminder to me to pray for fellow Christians in China during the advent season.

I think the White House ornaments are gorgeous! In 2005 Bruce and I took our only trip together to Washington D.C., and even though we didn't make it into the big house, we were able to tour the visitors center. This is the commemorative ornament from that year and features James Garfield's presidency. I bought a couple of other ornaments that year from the National Geographic Museum also.

I also have a nativity collection. This one gets the most action every year. Both my girls love it and reenacting baby Jesus's visitors.

Several of my nativities are on this small table, beneath our stockings. I have a range of styles and appreciate all of them.

This particular nativity was purchased in Sedona, AZ and I rather delicate so it goes up high where my girl's can't break it.

The nativity on the left is decorating an upcycled fence post, turned candle holder. And I made the blocks that spell "JOY" myself at a recent MOPS meeting. I can flip them to match the seasons or general decor. If my friend Amy doesn't post a tutorial for me to link to, I will try to get it done soon.

This wall tree is also an upcycled treat. It is a new addition to my Christmas decorations this year and was made by my good friends at The Flock. I'd normally hang it a little lower on the wall, but the nail was already there from something else.

Here is our daily Christmas countdown calendar. Each morning Charlotte moves the star into the next pocket.

This nativity decorates my bathroom. I figure people have time to contemplate it in this location.

For my door, I love this nativity wreath.

I have one more nativity that isn't pictured. And it's the one I've owned the longest. The only reason it isn't out is its size. I don't have a good place to display it so I think it will stay in the closet this year.

I'm sure everyone has had their decorations up for weeks already. If you share it on your blog I'd love to see it. Please comment and leave your link for us to visit.

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