Friday, December 16, 2011

More Than "Just A Mom" - Help End Child Slavery

"I'm just a mom."

Have you ever said or thought that? Have you ever heard a friend say that? It's not really true you know. We are never "just" anything.

In fact, we've been created with hearts of compassion that are meant to ache when we read stories about the atrocities in this world. One that grips my heart and mind every time I am reminded of it is child slavery. I first became aware of this issue after listening to the audio book Not for Sale.

In some ways, I read the book and my despair grew. How could I, "just a mom" do anything to help children half a world away. I could barely get my own child to fall asleep, let alone rescue another child from a life of hard toil! Children like Malavika who, at 5 years old, had already done more hard labor than I've probably done in my entire life.

Fortunately, the book didn't leave me feeling hopeless. I discovered that I have a tool so obviously available for this fight that I always surprise myself when I am reminded of it. (It's a surprise because I can't believe I forgot about it!)

If you are reading this, then you have access to that same tool. We can remember that we are not "just a mom" and we can help encourage good things in this world.

You may not have tons of money to pay for lobbyists or legal expertise to draft legislation, but you do have an email address. (I presume this is true since you are savvy enough to read my blog.)

And what can you do with that email address?

You can email your senators. I did. And I used the email generator at The Human Wrong to make it quick and simple. Just click that link, fill in your contact information so they can contact the correct senators, and then personalize the pre-drafted letter.

IJM - Gifts of Freedom It took me about 3 minutes, and that included stopping to answer a toddler's question. Specifically, by sending this email, you'll be asking your senators to support the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act, which is considered the cornerstone of U.S. policies against slavery. According to The Human Wrong, "This bill will allow the U.S. to remain the global leader in the fight against modern-day slavery by preventing vulnerability, protecting survivors, and prosecuting those who enslave men, women, and children." You can also read additional details about the TVPA at the International Justice Mission's TVPA campaign page.

After you send your email, if you have some Christmas money left to spend, then check out and Shop To Stop Slavery.

If you used the Human Wrong link to send an email to your senator, would you leave a comment and let me know.

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