Monday, December 05, 2011

Review: Mega Bloks from MommyParties

I've never met a kid that didn't like building with blocks. And apart from stepping on those tiny plastic ones in the middle of the night, I've never met a mom who didn't like having the blocks in her home.

Mega Bloks allow children to be creative and just use their imagination. Sometimes though, if they need a kick start, it's nice to have a set of blocks with a theme, like the large Tubtown Farm themed Mega Bloks set we were able to play with at our MommyParties Mega Bloks play date.

We love most any excuse to have our friends come over to play. But we like it even better when someone gives us the party favors and games to play. Mary was very excited about being able to give all of her friends their very own bag of Mega Bloks. Each of our guests was able to leave with one of these bags so they could take the Mega Bloks fun home with them. One of our guests was even lucky enough to win a large tub of their own.

Before I got all type-A on the kids, we let them randomly play with the Farm Tub by themselves. They made some towers. Then knocked some towers down. A chicken pen was built. Team work was utilized for both playing and cleaning.

For a quicker clean-up, I assigned a color to each child and they had to find all of the blocks that matched to put back into the tub. The only real problem I had was trying to assemble to bloks to look like the farm on the front of the tub. It didn't quite work the way the instructions showed, but we improvised and still had a farm to play with.
Before our friends came over to play, Charlotte and Mary helped me make a few themed snacks. The first is a Nutella sandwich that is supposed to look like a Mega Blok. Then, we also made a Mega Munch snack mix from which the kids mostly ate the raisins and chocolate. 


Do your kids have Mega Bloks? What do they like to build?

FTC Disclosure: Mega Bloks toys received from Mommy Parties. No additional consideration provided.

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