Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Shopping with #JCPLastMinute

I hate last minute Christmas shopping. But does that stop me from doing it? Not usually. It doesn't matter how carefully I plan. I start buying Christmas gifts over the summer forming nice stockpiles in the dark depths of my closet. Then, some how, in the midst of Christmas parades, baking, and sending the annual family photo card designing, I forget about them.

Or I realize that I forgot about someone on my list. A year or two ago it was my dad. Christmas day didn't go well for him and I've always felt bad about that. Not this year. His gift is going to be great! I planned ahead and thought carefully about what to get him and how to get it.

Of course, my laser focus on him meant someone else got neglected. They read this blog so I can't tell you what I bought them, but I'm just glad I don't live too far from the mall!

Because we only buy gifts for those closest to us, I can't confess here what last minute gifts I've bought... don't want anyone knowing it took me until today to figure their gift out! But I can tell you I am very excited about the new Isotoner Touchscreen Compatible Gloves. With all the people in my family buying iPads and smart phones, these make perfect sense. And if I had a to buy a gift for a co-worker, I'd probably go for these since at about $20 they fit most office gift giving guidelines.

If you are like me and have some last minute gifts to pick up, I have some good news for you. For the next 2 days (Friday & Saturday) they will open at 7 am! There's no excuse to not get what you are looking for if you wake up bright and early. JCPenney will be open until midnight on Friday and 6 PM on Saturday.

And since I know my girls will be up at 6 am tomorrow... I know where I'll be at 7 am!
JCPenney Don't Panic Last Minute Shopping Guide

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