Sunday, May 31, 2009

Some New Charlotte Stories

Charlotte is now exerting her independent self and can get very upset if we try to help her do something that she thinks she can do on her own.

For example, now that she knows how to climb up into her high chair, she insists on doing it every time. Not only that, but she knows how to buckle herself in and won't stand for any help, even if her shirt is stuck and it won't work. Charlotte just doesn't realize it and won't accept help.

Speaking of climbing, Charlotte can now also climb into her car seat without help. I am a bit more apprehensive about this one though since it involves her loose in a parking lot for a few seconds. Overall, it seems to be working pretty well. I can watch her step into the car and then load my bags or start the engine while she climbs up.

Despite my apprehension, this last step of independence is a good one with the new baby coming. I hope it will make life easier when I am out with both girls, trying to juggling baby carriers and diaper bags.

I forgot to blog about it, but Charlotte uttered her first 3-word phrase on Mother's Day. It was like music to my ears to hear her shout, "Happy Momma Day!" Now, she uses 3-word phrases regularly, such as,
"Dadda bop-bop please," or "Momma have it." When prompted, she can say other 3-word phrases, and even incorporate the sign language with it.

I am sure there are some other stories I want to document before my brain really forgets them, but as of right now, my brain is tired... Maybe some pictures and more stories later this week.

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  1. You forgot to mention that Charlotte said "Happy Mama Day," and even now you forgot to mention that her Daddy taught he that as a Mother's Day gift. And while you say it was music to your ears, you forgot to mention that you spent a good portion of the morning mad at me because I didn't say Happy Mother's Day to you soon enough in the morning. I waited until after I taught Charlotte to say it, so she could say it first. But, by that time, you were already mad at me, thinking I had forgot the day. Seems like you're the forgetful one here. :-)


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