Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Relationship Between Books and Music - Part 2

Today is the last day for our Spring Kindermusik session and I am definitely going to miss it once class ends. Charlotte has had a lot of fun learning new songs, playing new instruments, and having songs sung just about her.

One way in which I've been encouraged as her mother is in using different voices and tones in reading to her. I knew it was good to get silly with my child, but sometimes, well, some of us more reserved types need positive examples to reinforce the silly behavior. Ms. Debbie isn't embarrassed at all to get down on Charlotte's level and model age-appropriate silliness. Kindermusik helped me break out of my shell a little more and experiment with my voice more while I am reading to Charlotte.

And I also knew that using different voices would help her understand dialogue and different ways to manipulate her own voice. Being able to get the non-verbal part of communication down will be important as she gets older. Sometimes what people say is more about the HOW than the WHAT. As a side note, I hope it will better equip her use her own voice as a communication tool, not just with the words she chooses, but with how she chooses to say those words.

Now that I've been to Kindermusik for almost an entire semester, do any of you have any questions about the experience from a mother's perspective? I'll be happy to answer them in a future blog post!
Photo Credit: Debbie Mondale

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