Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Are you tired of reading about my hair yet?

I hope not, because I have one more post...

Throughout my no'poo experiment, I kind of knew I should probably be adding some conditioner to my hair on an occasional basis. I even did so during the first week, but then, well, forgot about it.

Then, over the weekend, I read about a special promotion going on this week for Kerastsae salon products. They were offering a free in-salon ritual plus blow-dry, so I looked up my nearest salon and scheduled an appointment. It was so relaxing to be pampered while there, and Charlotte behaved like a perfect angel while she watched from her stroller. It helped that some of the other clients and staff doted on her a bit.

My hair is definitely conditioned, and I love the job that Lizzie did blowing it out and giving it some big, soft curls. Bruce had fun playing with my camera when he came home and I narrowed down the 30ish shots to these 4. (I have no idea why the color is REALLY off on one of them!) What can I say, having a new, fancy camera is fun!

What do you think? Could I win a role in a throwback version of Charlie's Angels???


  1. VERY glad you got to go!

  2. Loved reading all about your hair and lack of shampoo. Don't think I am ready for that, but enjoyed reading all your posts. Glad I just read them, so I didn't have to wait for all the updates! LOL I got to read about the whole month in one visit :)


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