Thursday, May 28, 2009

Charlotte's Interests

Charlotte has her first dental appt today and I had to fill out her paperwork. For the question about child's interests (clearly intended for the older child), I answered, "bubbles, books, and stickers."

I crack me up. :)


  1. when i signed lil man up for daycare (so i could go to my appts that you just don't want your lil going to), they asked questions like: how did you decide on your child's new? anything your child is afraid to do? what does your child do well? what is your child interested in?

    i about fell out of my chair trying to remember exactly how we came up with 'cayman.' and as far as fears and interests, i wrote nothing scares my fearless child. he will do anything at least three times.

  2. When we took Lottie and Emma to the dentist in January that question was on there also.....I thought it to be pretty odd myself.


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