Sunday, January 04, 2009

Power Wheels is a Big Hit

Charlotte's favorite Christmas present this year was a pink Power Wheels from her Grumpy. When he pushed it out of the bedroom door so that she could see it, she actually let out a little shriek and ran straight to it. I have no idea how she knew she was supposed to get excited, but she did.

And somehow, she knew exactly what to do with it. She hopped right on and once Grumpy showed her the button she took off across the living room!

Since we were staying at a resort, her Daddy took her out into the breezeway to let loose her inner Nascar driver. Apparently, she is pretty good at it too. Everytime she wants to play on it, she signs car.
One other special gift we received were matching aprons. I love aprons and it is a real treat to have one that I can share with my daughter. Charlotte really liked hers too and wore it for a couple of hours before she would finally let me take it off of her.

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