Thursday, January 29, 2009

I Need Me Time

It is true... I don't functionwell  unless I have a block of uninterrupted time each day to just be, or veg, or do whatever I want to do.

Recently, my days have been arranged so that I am not getting that. I am not getting the nap time in the middle of the day to relax and make my home a haven. My house has become so overwhelmingly chaotic I really don't know where to start when all I get are 10-15 min intervals to even try. Each thing that needs to be done needs at least 30 minutes.

It is making me cranky. I yelled at Charlotte today. I don't really think I've ever done that before, at least just not like I did today. I even sent a mean text message to my husband because I thought he was ignoring me. He wasn't, he just had a meeting after school and hadn't had time yet to reply to my earlier messages.

Those last 2 events opened my eyes to how out of whack I am right now. It isn't just being tired or just being pregnant. I need to take some me time and get my house in order. When the world around me is in chaos, my spirit feels chaos and can't rest. Does anyone else ever feel this way?


  1. oh yeah! I've decided to make it a priority this last week - I've scheduled about an hour each morning just for me to sort out my thoughts (devotional, journaling, etc.) and my to do list. I try to do it before Esme wakes up, but if she's awake, I'm not above sitting her down with a Barney DVD and a handful of raisins while I get my personal time in.

  2. I feel this way everyday! I also yell everyday and HATE it! I don't want to me that mom but sometimes it is all too much.

  3. You need a break--I get like that too. Wound so tight I snap and it's not pretty.

  4. Even though my kids are now 6 and 9 I make them take a "rest time" each day. No one naps - except me! But the rule is they are supposed to stay in their rooms for 1 hour, with the door shut and making little noise. There is some required reading for them during that period - other than that they can play, or read or listen to something - but the key word is QUIETLY and don't bug mom.

    This is just an extension of the nap time routine the kids started as babies...

    Since we homeschool - it also gives the kids a break from mom and from each other (b/c they have to be in their own rooms). It's good for all of us...I usually do some reading and then fall asleep for maybe 15 min. It's enough to somewhat retain my sanity.

    Disorganization totally makes me feel irritable and overwhelmed...I'm great at getting organized - I just don't stay there and then end up irritable.

  5. You are NOT alone!! Welcome to motherhood! I yelled at mine the other night because I was at the end of my rope. I swore not to raise my voice at my children since I was raised in a house of being yelled all the time! It was that much more important to be to break that habit. I have gotten so much better than how I use to be but more importantly I made things right with the kids...I left the kitchen to "cool off", I came back, apologized, and asked them to forgive me and made it clear that my actions and loss of self control is not the example I want to set as a mother to them. They will learn this from me if I don't stop, I already see things they do that I did when I was young and with Amber turning 13 years's magnified!

    Read my post on "Random Ramblings". I had a very frustrating day/week! Plus being pregnant with number 4 and the lack of sleep I have been getting has been a recipe for disaster! My house not being in perfect order yet after moving in added stress. Grant it, we just moved in right before Christmas. I HATE clutter and things not getting done....but, Rome wasn't built in a day...or so I tell myself so I feel better ;p I got some cleaning and more organizing done last night with what energy I had left and J finally put the shelves up in the hall closet so I can organize my homeschool closet and that was like heaven to me! I was so happy smiling ear to ear!

    Wait till the baby is's hard to get a nap in when having more than one little one....hopefully you can get both them down at the same time for a nap so you can nap too! It's tempting to get cleaning and other stuff done while they are down me!

    Call me if you need to talk! You know I can give you an earful LOL I love you!

  6. i'm so there! and really have been for, well, since I moved here in `04... I don't remember being so out of sorts with Caleb when he was 0-2... he was tough don't get me wrong, but other situations in my life were just different...

    In response to the comment made by queen of sheba, no rome wasn't built in a day, and it wasn't built by one single person either... i try to keep reminding myself of that too... my slightly inner perfectionist is always frustrated, but I try to give myself some grace in these areas! Eric told me when we first got married that he would rather have a wife that loves him and treats him sweetly than a clean organized house anyday... i have to replay his words in my head constantly!!!

  7. It may not just be the 'me time'. Don't underestimate the calming power of feeling in controll that you get from having the house organised, or whatever the 'stress inducing overdue work' is no longer looming over your head.


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