Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Sea World w/ the Family

Last Sunday (yes, we skipped church), we visited Sea World with my family. It was a lot of fun and made even better by the fact that Bruce gets in free for an entire year because he is a teacher. I was able to get a 12-month pass as well for less than $100. It includes free parking and 10% off in-park purchases. But, enough about our deal... onto the pictures!

Yeah! It's the sting rays! This was the first animal we visited and clearly, Charlotte was excited.

Charlotte is a great walker and it really isn't fair to make her sit in her stroller all day, so G-ma bought her a Goldbug backpack that also has a tether for me to keep her close by. It was wonderful to be able to let her loose a little and it allowed her to get closer to the action - but not too close!

Part of being on the move means climbing onto every possible surface. She didn't quite make it onto this ledge, but it sure was cute to see her try!
Once I finally got her settled up there, she enjoyed watching the large polar bear in this exhibit. We couldn't see our reflections in the glass, but I love that you can see them in this picture.

This is Charlotte watching the manatees. She stared at them so intently I was surprised to see her looking straight into the camera.

We were able to get VERY close to the dolphins... I know this picture doesn't include Charlotte, but we were amazed that we could get so close. Bruce got to touch the dolphins 3 times, and he didn't have to pay Discovery Cove prices!
I finally got to ride some rides! Yeah! Whenever we go to a theme park, it always seems I get "stuck" with Charlotte and don't get to do the fun stuff. This was definitely fun! I'll have to scan the picture they took of the three of us (my brother, Nick, and his wife, Michelle, and then me in the back) and share it later.
And what would a trip to a place full of animals be without my requisite picture of a mother nursing her baby?!

Seaworld is celebrating a Spooktacular Halloween and had these fun pumpkin fish everywhere. They also had trick-or-treating with some awesome treats - M&Ms, Swedish goldfish, mini bananas, Airheads, Twizzlers. It's a shame Charlotte only gets to try the bananas. I guess her dad and I will have to eat the rest of the candy. Can you believe this picture was taken at the END of the day? We are so blessed to have such a cheerful little girl.


  1. Charlotte looks absolutely enthralled! Very cute photos. I can't wait to take Esme to an aquarium in Oregon when we go back.


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