Tuesday, October 21, 2008

30 Days to Natural

Ahhh... natural.

It seems that natural is the magic word when it comes to consumers these days. We are all looking for those products that keep our family safe and allow us to claim a shade of green as our own.

Personally, I started my rode towards greenness in earnest about a year and a half ago. Sure, I sorted my recyclables and put the ubiquitous yellow bin at the end of my driveway. But that was about it.

Then, I was on vacation and found this over-sized canvas grocery bags. I bought 4 of them and never looked back. It is rare for me to forget my grocery bags and I feel good when I use them. I have acquired a few more since then and have them stashed every where - under my seat in the car, in the stroller basket, and around the house.

At some point after Charlotte was born, I considered using flannel cloth wipes instead of toilet paper, but my husband absolutely refused. So, we compromised. I bought a set of white cloth napkins at the thrift store, and we gave up paper towels. That has been hard for Bruce too, but he has mostly come around to using them instead of constantly asking me where the paper towels are.

Finally, when we moved into our new home, I wanted to simplify our cleaning routine and make it possible for Charlotte to help. (It is never to early to teach our daughters how to keep house. Maybe if I start now she will be better at it then I am by the time she is an adult!) So, I scoured the internet and found a natural product that would be safe for her to be around. It was expensive, but all I could find at the time.

Shortly after my concentrated product arrived, I learned about Green Works, a product similar to the expensive one I ordered online (and paid shipping for!) that is available at my local grocery and drug stores.

Green Works also sponsors the website 30 Days to Natural. It is designed to help us ll become a little bit greener each day. You can sign up for 30 days of e-mails, each with a tip that you can do that day. Or you can choose to receive them via text message (like me).

There are also 3 moms featured on the site who are video blogging their own 30-day journey to natural. They seem like everyday, regular moms.

If you have any desire to improve your carbon footprint, I recommend you check this site out. I am looking forward to seeing what kinds of tips the bring me over the next 30 days.

This post sponsored by 30 Days to Natural.

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