Monday, October 13, 2008

Monday Meditation Week 12 - Unfulfilled Longings

We now return to our regularly scheduled programming. Kind of.

I dove back into Lies Women Believe and am glad I did. It always amazes me (even though it shouldn't) how God's timing is perfect.

The first lie I addressed this week was "I have my rights" (pg 73.) This is definitely a lie I believe. I believed that "if any of [my] rights are violated, [I] have a right to protest." That is kind of what happened with my recent church situation.

I believed that my right to be heard out was violated. Saying this doesn't make my opinion less valid or that the pastor shouldn't have been willing to talk to me. But it does mean that I went about sharing my opinion in the wrong way. I was like Jonah and Ninevah. My "emotions were controlled by whether or not [I] thought [my] rights were being fulfilled." That is how Satan got me to lose focus on my study for two weeks.

Now though, I have let go of the situation. I prayed that God would give me a peace in my heart about it because I found all last week, I was still thinking up snappy one-liners to e-mail back to the music minister. It was distracting to not be able to focus on other, more important issues. Realizing that the desire for Truth can be lethal when combined with the sin of pride really helped me see my own part in this. I was impatient to have a resolution (a common theme in my life, just ask my husband).

This week, I will work on letting go for my need to have "closure" and try to remember what DeMoss wrote:
We will always have unfulfilled longings on this side of heaven (Romans 8.23). In fact, if we could have all our longings fulfilled down here, we would be easily satisfied with staying here, and our hearts would never long for a better place. (page 85)
What longing are you holding on to? What longing is keeping you from trusting in God for fulfillment?

We're onto chapter four this week. I pray that you are being blessed as you follow along with me.

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