Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Aquatics Review

Charlotte has had fun playing with a new toy this week, an Aquadoodle Draw ‘N Doodle Mat. When I received it for review, I was really surprised by how large it was. She could sit on it and still have plenty of room for "drawing."

What I especially like about it though, is that the mat is mess-free! Charlotte can draw to her hearts content, and I don't have to worry about her coloring on her clothes or the carpet. All I have to do is fill the "magic pen" with water and then let her at the mat. The large fabric doodle mat works with the water to reveal her designs. Mostly that consists of scribbles and dots right now. The drawings disappear as they dry, allowing for hours of no-mess fun. I especially like the "how-to" doodles along the edges. It gives this art handicapped mom some ideas for entertaining her daughter. They even sell accessories like stamps and wide brushes on Amazon.

The other cool water toy we received is the Bath Blizzard. This fun, compact bath bubble-maker hangs securely from the bath spout. With just the turn of a knob, a waterfall of soapy bubbles goes spilling into the tub. Charlotte loves bubbles so this was fun for us to play with. Once Daddy loaded up the 4-C batteries (I know, yikes!), I added a bit of liquid soap and water and we had bubbles in 30 seconds. I think kids of any age who still take baths would like this toy.

Oh, and I forgot to mention, you can "play" with the Aquadoodle Draw ‘N Doodle Mat online at their website.

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