Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Guest Blogger: Help Me 2 Teach

Tess is back with another homeschooling product review!

Here I am again with another review that The Old Schoolhouse magazine has set me up to do. I think this particular review would be something a parent of a preschooler to a college student might find interesting.

I have learned about a site, Helpme2teach.com, that could definitely give any home schooling family the peace of mind and confidence they need to know that their children are accessing sites that are safe and filled with valuable information they need to help them learn.

Here is a website that claims to have 2000 plus safe educational links that are suitable for children, parents and teachers. I say “claims” not in a bad way but just that I can’t sit down and count them. We are all familiar with how to surf the internet for information that we need. If you are anything like me then you definitely know how to search for that hidden gem that you know will give your child the “A HA” moment that they need.

The creator of Helpme2teach.com is most definitely well intended. She (a former teacher of 40 years) knows what it is like to find cost effective, relevant materials for parents to use teaching or for kids to use learning. She understands how parents want safe places for kids to research topics instead of just surfing while mom or dad stands nearby ready to pull the plug if necessary. This is the most valuable part of this site for me.

There were lots of other things I liked about the site. I like the fact that each link is coded for learning levels as well as for whether a teacher or parent is needed to direct the learning with the link or if it is self learning.

I liked the variety of materials. There are links to games, links to sites for worksheets, informational links, and links to places to purchase what you may need.

I like that there is a table of contents to help find the information needed. I know that a site like this is under constant construction and change. New links are added everyday I am sure.

There was very little that I didn’t like about the site. I think that it is best used with kids. Parents can surf the internet and come up really the same results as with this site. It is just a safer way for kids to find the information they need. I also noticed that when I tried the site out and was searching for “layers of atmosphere” that many other science topics came up like “human anatomy.” So you still have to weed through what you need and don’t need.

All in all, I liked the Helpme2teach.com. It is a wealth of information for all grades in nearly every subject. It is safe. It is easy to use. You really should check it out. You can see for yourself with a 3 day trial for $4.95. Don’t just to trust my opinion . Visit The Homeschool Crew to read many other reviews on this particular site as well as other educational resources.

Since this review was originally written, Tess sent this update in:

I have a small but important update to let you know about regarding www.Helpme2teach.com site. Many of my fellow reviewers noticed that there were not any faith based links. Originally, the developer of the site thought that this could go in too many directions and opted to leave this area out. Well, after so many requests from us, she has decided and already begun developing this area. She has labeled it as Christian stories and Bible stories. Also, many of us like to use lap booking as a way of learning. She now has a section devoted to this as well.

The owner of this site has also agreed to extend a “buy one year, get one year for free” to everyone through December 2008. That is two years for under $30. I do think that at this price you can’t help but win. You can get this deal by putting TOS for a discount code when subscribing to HelpMe2Teach.

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