Friday, October 24, 2008

CVS Queen

My family calls me the CVS Queen. Let me show you why.

Pictured: 4 Colgate toothpastes, 6 G2 flavored water, 1 32-oz Propel, 3 bars of beauty soap, 4 bags of tootsie rolls, 1 Tylenol Rapid Release, 1 dye-free Children's Mortin, 2 bath poufs, 4 cans of Progresso Light Soup, 2 Blade Body Sprays, 1 box of Just For Men (which comes with an $8 rebate) and 2 travel size Christophe Products. Not pictured are 2 more bags of Tootsie Rolls, and 2 Reinventing Beauty magazines.

Would you believe that I only paid $11.09 out of pocket for ALL of this?? My receipts say the retail value of it all is $71.43. Plus, on top of that ridiculously low price, they paid me another $13.69 in ECBs (Extra Care Bucks) just to take this stuff out of their store. That means, I netted $2.60 this week! I'd say that covered my gas for the three trips I made, but I walked to CVS 2 of those times. (Now aren't you even more impressed with my frugality?)

And I still have an $8 rebate to submit, which means I will have made almost $11 to buy all of this stuff.

How did I do this? Well, I combined manufacturer coupons from the newspaper and online with CVS sales and ECB deals. I also used ECBs I had earned in previous weeks to pay for some of my purchases. It took a while to get the hang of it, but after reading Crystal's blog and practicing on smaller purchases I can really rock the deals now!

Do you CVS? Would you be interested in learning more about how CVS works for my family?


  1. I don't think we have a CVS around here - if so I might be willing to give it a try. Coupons in the past just haven't worked too well for me...first of all I don't receive very many and secondly they are usually for name brand products I don't ever buy!

    Today I tried using a $5 coupon from Johnson & Johnson (it was a large amount as it was a refund plus extra after I wrote them a letter to complain about some lousy no stick bandaids). Anyway I had a hard time choosing something b/c not much I used...was going to buy some "baby bath" b/c the kids still use that as body soap in the tub but the no name brand was still so much cheaper - I couldn't justify it. Well I found a little travel first aid kit for like $4.89 - I check out and the coupon won't work b/c the small amount difference. I wasn't wanting the $ difference back - just wanted to use my coupon. So I didn't take the kit - and I still have my coupon waiting to use it up before it expires!

  2. Edi,
    The key would be trying to pare that $5 coupon with a sale (like this one.

    Also, I can't imagine why a store wouldn't adjust the coupon for you. That is silly! They will stil get all of their money back. I'd ask the manager before you check out (if you didn't already), or find another store to use it at.

    When does your coupon expire? I'll be on the lookout for the next J&J deal for you.

  3. Do you find the ECB deal items in stock at your store week after week?

  4. Nuff Respec!
    That is impresive, especially the walking to the store bit. (Lots of good reasons for it.) No, the getting money back for shopping is the most impressive part. Pretty good for the store too as their customer retention policy is working.


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