Thursday, October 02, 2008

Night 175 - No Cry Sleep Solution

Okay, I'm really not so an al retentive that I counted 175 nights from the first time we tried Elizabeth Pantley's No Cry Sleep Solution, but we are some where in the ball park with that number.

I figured since there hadn't been an update since night 31, it was time for one, especially considering that we've finally made some progress. For the last three nights, Charlotte has slept 6 hours straight, without waking up and asking for her Momma's Milk.

You could say that I am thrilled. I'll say that I am well-rested. I haven't been able to get that much straight sleep since BEFORE Charlotte was born and I was getting up to use the potty 2 times a night.

What made this sudden change? I don't know. A switch just flipped in her brain, she gave up her 11 pm nursing session and now loves sleep more than milk. Can I tell you that our mornings and afternoons are happier too? They are. I love this little creature I call my daughter.

She is suddenly more affectionate towards me and her dad. She will sit in our laps long enough for 2-3 pages of a story book. And, her naps are better too.

So, what made the difference for us you might ask?

First, we have had a fairly consistent bedtime routine now since she was about 11 months old, back in late July. Sure, it gets thrown off some nights, but we try to stick with it. She knows what to expect each night and knows the routine well enough that she moves towards it.

Second, I stopped going into her room each time she made a crying noise. That was the harder part for me because I am definitely NOT a cry it out type of parent. However, what changed is that I slowly began to see my daughter put herself to sleep in her crib without crying.

Once I knew she could do that, it made holding back a little bit easier. What typically happens now is that she will make crying like noises in her sleep and never wake up. My new rule has been that if she stands up in her crib or cries so that she has tears, I will go in and quickly and quietly comfort her. Otherwise, I stand watch at her slightly cracked door so she can't see me and I can make sure she is okay.

I have always told Bruce that one day she would get to this point, and boy am I glad it is here!

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