Friday, October 10, 2008

Ducks and Pumpkins

On Wednesday, instead of going to story time at the library, we met up with our friend Jackie, and her son Cayman for some quality time feeding stale bread to ducks and some meandering around the nearest pumpkin patch. I took over 130 pictures and then pared it down to about 100. It was extra tough trying to choose the cutest pictures to share. Charlotte is so adorable I just can't help going a little overboard when I pick up the camera.

This trip to feed the ducks was the first time I took her out of the stroller. I've always been worried about the ducks being too aggressive or trying to keep her out of the lake. It was definitely a new experience for her - she stood in the same spot for about 2 whole minutes, not knowing what to make of her new lakeside freedom.
Finally though, she got moving and began to investigate what was on the ground.

And then, she was off! She wandered all around our little area, going back and forth between a big tree and her stroller.

Eventually though, it was time to climb back in for duck feeding time. I always give her a piece of bread when we go and typically, she just eats it. This was no exception. Though, I did notice, when we were leaving that there was some bread next to her stroller. She might have been trying to feed the ducks, but her throwing arm doesn't work yet.
And is a pictures of one of the swans we visited with.

Who can resist this face? I have about 10 pictures with this face, but will only make you see one of them!

This is mom Jackie with her son Cayman. He is almost a year old and moves like a rockstar! I don't know how Jackie finds the engery to keep up with him.
Once at the pumpkin patch, it didn't take long for Charlotte to pick out a mini-pumpkin. She had this pumpkin in her hand almost the entire time we were there.

Cayman really wanted to sit on a pumpkin. And Charlotte wanted to know if he could. I think he ended up crawling all over it while Charlotte just watched. (note, pumpkin is still in her hand)And she is off again. The rows of pumpkins were too irresistible for both of us. She had a lot of fun running down the row 10-12 feet and then running back up to me.
Here we are almost at the end of the row. Her hands are empty and she is only coming towards me now because I hold the precious pumpkin! (You should really click on this to blow it up, her face is just too funny!)

I know we will end up visiting more pumpkin patches and will try not to bore you with too many pictures, but you gotta admit - orange and green do go well together.

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  1. I just can't get enough of Miss Charlotte...I think its part of the make up of Grandparents but especially this G-ma!


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