Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - 2nd Edition

My blog hasn't even been around a year, but people do go looking for it on occasion. I'm not sure why anyone would want to read my little blog, but they go searching for me (or completely unrelated topics) and these are 13 of the best phrases they use to find me.
  1. "jenny sabin and new baby" No one calls me Jenny anymore so this must be someone from waaaayyy back... if that was you, you should have left a comment and said hi! And seeing as you've been back several times using that search phrase, why don't you just save my homepage as a favorite, or add me to you blog reader? It would be easier than always have to go to the same post.

  2. "pottery pictures" "pictures of pottery" This search seemed odd to me since I am not a pottery blog, but it brought someone to my site at least 7 times, and this is where they ended up. I'm proud of my family's artistic endeavors, but I doubt this is what someone was looking for, then again... 7 times?

  3. "family musings" I suppose it is only natural for someone trying to find my blog to use the name of my blog. What surprised me is that my blog came up first on Google search! Yeah for page rank!

  4. "baby in his belly" Ew! I don't think Bruce would like people to believe that he ever had a baby in his belly... and Bruce doesn't eat babies so this is just bizarre. After a little sleuthing, I finally figured out how someone landed on my page with this search string... it goes back to my giveaway post and a comment from this reader.

  5. "organized doodles" Hmmm... was Rick looking for himself? If so, he found what he was looking for here. Maybe if more people come looking for him through my site he could give me some sort of discount! (hint, hint...)

  6. "distinguishing watermelon from orange pregnant bellies" I didn't realize this was hard to do, but glad someone thought I could help! What would the world do without Google to answer these tough concepts?

  7. "phuny" "phuny photos" "phuny pictures" At first, I was appalled that someone would spell funny so horribly, then I remembered this post.

  8. "throwing up light green bile" Ahhh... this searcher helped me remember my most fun weekend as a new mom! Not!

  9. "the 4 methods to interpreting scriptures" See, I can be serious on this blog too.

  10. "proper way to give solids at 6 months" "research supporting delay of solids to 6 months" "breastmilk v. solids at 6 months" It seems like my efforts to educate part of the world about baby nutrition are paying off. All three of these phrases landed on this page about delaying solids.

  11. "could gaining weight make my legs hurt?" Duh! Seeing this though is a reminder to get back on my weight loss bandwagon.

  12. "foods with moon names" Huh? Are there any? If so, this searcher didn't find it at my blog, instead they found out why we honor the name Charlotte Moon.

  13. "pitchers of pregnant ladies giving birth any where" I can only imagine why anyone would want a pitcher full of pregnant ladies, giving birth none the less. That would be awfully messy. The person looking for this must have been disappointed to find this link on my site. He, or she, didn't even get to see any pitchers, or pictures!

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  1. oh what a fun post! I might have to do one similar myself...

  2. It is always interesting to see what people Goggle. Fun list!

  3. I love these. They are so funny. I keep getting ones about naked pictures or whatever. Things that don't relate to my blog at all.

    Happy TT!

    My TT is Food for thought.

  4. I did the same thing for my TT! Neat!

  5. Hey Jennifer! I just found your blog because I noticed a comment you left on a recent post on the Wind's page. So fun to have found you. I was actually just thinking of you the other day when I was looking at our lovely professional class picture taken while we were in East Asia.

    So wonderful to see you have a baby girl. What a blessing! I graduated from SBTS last year, but stayed on to work for the Billy Graham School. I met a wonderful man just as I was finishing up and we got married this summer. He is in the middle of his M.Div. so we will be here in Louisville a little while longer.

    Okay well this is a terribly long comment, but I wanted to say hello!



  6. I love the google is always interesting to see how people end up on our blogs! Thanks for coming by my blog today!

  7. Cool idea. I need to try that. Happy TT.


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