Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Pictures Again?

Geez? Hasn't this blogger shown us enough pictures of her little girl? I mean, we get it, she's cute. Okay? Fine, I'll look at more pictures if you're going to make me! At least this time there are stories to go with the pictures.

Here, we have a picture of Charlotte in her carseat. She has a fun mirror like toy that helps me see her while I am in the driver's seat. The toy used to light up and play music, but the battery died soon after we installed it. Since you need a screwdriver to get to the battery case the batteries have remained unreplaced for about 4 months now. Sad isn't it? Charlotte has this cool looking Baby Einstein toy and she can only look at it and wonder how cool it might be. Maybe her daddy will read this post and replace the batteries for her sooner rather than later. Of course, now that she is tall enough to kick it, she might not like it anymore.

We have been working on Charlotte's relationship with her Grumpy's dog, Mickie. Everytime Mickie gets close to her, momma freaks out. At first, it was because I was worried that Mickie might hurt her since he has never been around children, much less babies. Now though, I am worried about Charlotte hurting him. She has a death grip when she gets hair in her hand. Trust me, I know from experience and have taken to wearing my on hair up everyday to avoid it. As it stands now, Mickie loves to lick Charlotte's face and hands, which she doesn't seem to mind. Momma on the other hand...

And here is the happy trio! Grumpy was so proud of himself for being able to hold Mickie and Charlotte at the same time. As a matter of fact, he exclaimed, "I need a picture of this! Someone get the camera quick!" Come to think of it... he says this practically EVERY TIME Charlotte is in his lap. I never knew him to be a camera hog until he got a granddaughter. You really never know how babies can change people!

Did you know that babies can drool a lot? I thought I knew how much they could drool until Charlotte had to have a change of clothes today because her shirt was SOAKED! I don't mean just a little wet, I mean so wet it comes up when you take a picture of it wet! When I picked her up and noticed her in a onesie and her shorts instead of her t-shirt and shorts, I was confused. She has had her fair share of diaper blowouts so it wasn't unusual to see her in a different outfit, but she couldn't have gotten her t-shirt dirty and not her shorts, could she? Not unless she becam a drool monster that is!

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