Thursday, February 28, 2008

3 Random Pictures

This is a picture of Charlotte's new friend, Colleen, hanging out with her in the back seat on the way to the Polk County Youth Fair on Wednesday afternoon. We I had a lot of fun looking around at all the different submissions from my students. One of my students took a tri-color ribbon in 2 different categories. Another group of students took Judge's Prize in a chili cook-off. Colleen doesn't do Youth Fair, but lots of her friends do so she agreed to tag along. I think it was mostly so she could hang out with Charlotte.

This is a picture of a baby cow nursing from her momma cow. Isn't it cute. Bruce won't really let me post pictures of me nursing Charlotte, but I'm sure he won't mind this one. Probably because the momma cow's teats aren't showing. Isn't the baby cow adorable? I'm sorry my picture isn't so great, but I was in a hurry and Colleen was rolling her eyes at me. I won't get on my nursing in public soap box now, but no one asked this cow to put a blanket over her baby's head or to go feed her in the bathroom.

And finally, this picture shows the frost that was on my car this morning. Did I mention I live in Frostproof, FL? This isn't supposed to happen here! Even though temperatures didn't officially dip below freezing last night, we get quite a bit of wind where we live so that was probably the reason we had frost. It was on my glass too, but my wonderful hubby started my car for me so we wouldn't freeze all the way to school this morning. Isn't he sweet?

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