Saturday, February 02, 2008

Bloggy Giveaway Winner

I can't even begin to express how much fun I had during Shannon's Bloggy giveaway this last week. I must have visited over 300 new blogs, which explains the lack of activity here at Family Musings.

Reading all of your cute and funny and touching baby stories made for a good week. It was hilarious to read that so many little ones wanted to know when their daddy's babies were due. We often tease my dad about having triplets any day now! And the cute baby noises, my daughter makes those too! I shared this video and this video of her noises previously. And I was touched by so many of you who wanted to share this gift with someone you know who just had or is expecting a little one soon. Some of you even gave me things to look forward to in raising my own children, or comfort that I'm not the only one that makes mistakes (honey nut cheerios aren't okay?). I was encourage by those of you who shared that you are nursing your babies, so few women do these days.

I really wish I could afford to send something to everyone that shared a story, but I can't - I have a baby! :) After using the random interger generator at, the winner is post number 59, The Holladay Family.

She wrote, "My favorite baby story is mixing up my own twins. My mom would correct me with my own children! Sadly, I still get them mixed up once in a while if they are turned around and not looking directly at me! My other favorite baby story is my son Spencer who has a muscle disease didn't know he had arms to use until he was three months old. He came out of the womb holding his neck up, completely aware and looking around. He wouldn't use his arms to move, he would hold them close to his body and throw his neck and then move his legs around. Even when he was a tiny week old baby he was always turning upside down in his crib at naptime. At three months old, I put a mobile above him on the floor and he realized he could reach for it! He has been using his little arms and hands ever since! My new baby coming in April is a girl and I am looking forward to seeing how he will interact with her! So, those are a few of my fav. baby stories. Thank you for you having such a generous giveaway! I would LOVE to win!"

And win she did! In case you missed it, this is what she won. I'll be sending her an e-mail shortly to give her the good news. Now, let's hope I win something in one of those 300+ giveaways I entered!

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