Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Politically Active

I know this post is a week over due, but I am just now having a chance to climb out from under a huge pile of e-mail. My Inbox has not been pretty this week. For a girl who likes to keep it under 20 e-mails seeing it balloon to 87 tonight lit a fire under me to get my evening routines finished quickly so I can try and conquer this mass of information!

All of that to say... we took Charlotte with us to vote in the Florida primary last weekend and I want to share the picture with you (taken with the camera phone, which is why this is an e-mail issue).

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  1. As Jennifer and I went into the voting location, someone made a joke that Charlotte was too young to vote. I joked back, "We're from Chicago; we let everyone vote."

    OK, we're not really from Chicago, but I was just trying to be funny, too. With all my writers on strike, I have to wing it.


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