Friday, April 15, 2011

What I Really Wanted To Say

Every now and again I write a blog post but for a variety of reasons, decide not to publish it at that time. I was looking through my draft posts this morning and found this one from about December 2009 (3 months after Mary was born). I went to the mall this morning  again and experienced pretty much the same thing that I wrote about at that time. I figured it was okay to share the story now and don't really know why I didn't a year ago.

When I was checking out at a local department store the other night, the impeccably dressed, stylish, and decidedly size 6 cashier asked me, "Did you find everything you were looking for?"

To be polite I affirmed that I had, rang up my small purchase, and moved on.

But.... here is what I really wanted to say:

"No. I didn't. I was unable to find a single piece of clothing in this store that didn't make me look like the cow I have become. I not only weigh more than I did 3 years ago, but after 2 pregnancies, nothing is in the same place any more. There is no undergarment in this entire department store that can properly put me back together again.

"I was not even able to find a suitably appropriate outfit to wear to work out in. It seems like your buyers only think thin people want to go to the gym in comfortable clothes. The fact that I am now buying a pajama top to wear to the gym should give you some indication of my comfort level with your workout selection."

Anyone else had a shopping trip like this???

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