Monday, April 25, 2011

The Bag Holder Challenge Update

Crispy Tilapia with Mac & Cheese
As reported last week, Kara has challenged me to prepare the majority of my family's meals in The Bag Holder. After using the BH for 7 days so far, I am definitely liking it more than expected. I've posted several updates on my Facebook page so far as well as some photos and videos. You can check those out over there, but for those of you not on Facebook, I'll try to recap my experience as well as share some new details.

Items Made So Far:

Life meant I veered slightly from the original menu a couple of nights, so here is what is on the menu for this week:

I've got some catching up to do to try all of these recipes, so there's a good chance a couple of them will just be mixed up and then tossed in the freezer for another week. That's something I do from time 
    to time and another great use of the BH.

    Things I Like about The Bag Holder:
    • Quick clean up, fewer bowls and spoons
    • Easy for kids to help make meals
    • My girls love mixing the bag up
    • Makes it easier to fill bags for frosting cupcakes and filling deviled eggs
    There haven't been many moments when I was disappointed in the BH. Really, the only issue I've had where things didn't work out as planned was when I made the Mac & Cheese. My noodles were steaming hot and when I tried to pull the bag out to seal and mix, the bag tore. I suppose the heat weakened the bag and my pound of cooked noodles was too much for the bag to handle. My warning then is to be cautious when adding hot items to the bag. It might be best to wait for them to cool a bit first. 

    Frosted with The Bag Holder
    Oh, and one more thought about mixing baked goods in the BH - my cupcakes came out dense than usual because I didn't use my beater. The taste and texture were just fine and everyone still enjoyed them, but it was different than usual. Having fewer items to clean up and make a mess with still made this a winning treat.

    I need to head to the grocery store to buy the rest of my groceries (though most will come from my stock pile). We'll be walking though since Bruce borrowed the van today.

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    1. Hello,
      Your list of food definitely just made me hungry. I think I will be making some deviled eggs! I am
      following you from the hop...Please stop by and say hi :)


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