Friday, April 08, 2011

Guest Post: Jack's Mom

I recently had the opportunity to virtually meet a extraordinary woman. She is Tracy, Jack's mom. That might not sound like anything special at first, until you hear her story. I asked her to share a little bit with you because I think the story or Tracy and Jack is amazing.

God works in amazing and mysterious ways.

I now know this is true, but not so much 7 years ago when my son Jack was diagnosed with autism. Jack was 2 and although I knew from the time he was born that something was not quite right, I never dreamed he would be diagnosed with autism.

In those early months I could not even wrap my mind around this, this autism, but right away I got busy. I'm a single mother and it was up to me to make a difference. I believed Jack should and could have an amazing life and was determined to do whatever it took to make that happen. I never let a little thing called autism get in our way.

From day one the miracles started coming one right after another. Early intervention was the key, and lots of prayers and endless faith didn't hurt. I've never let up, never, no matter what. Seven years later my precious Jack, the boy who just a few short years ago did not speak, or look me in the eye, wrote an amazing children's book.

The Day They Sold the Moon is a beautiful story about a little boy who wants to find out if the moon is really made of cheese. He finds his answer and so much more. Jack finds himself in a situation where he is popular for the first time and has money and material things for the first time in his young life. Unfortunately, he also finds himself in a situation where he has destroyed an incredible God given resource - the moon. He has to repair the damage he's done, but is he too late? Find out at where you can purchase Jack's lovely book illustrated by Jefferey Duckworth.

I love to help other mother's, especially when they have a story this great. If you want to know more about the creative process Jack and his mom went through to make his dream a reality, make sure you visit The Story of the Story. You can even support Jack's education by purchasing a copy of his book - The Day They Sold The Moon.

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