Friday, April 01, 2011

Go Go Squeez Deal on

I wrote the other day that my girls love fruit. Keeping fresh fruit on hand is a must at my house, but sometimes bananas and grapes don't travel well, especially if you don't like smushed bananas or car temperature grapes.

In the past, if I felt like splurging, I would buy what we call "squeezy fruit" to go with our lunches, but at about $1 a piece, it really was a treat. One brand we particularly liked (mostly because they carry it at my local Publix) is Go Go Squeeze. I bought a 4-pack on clearance this week and thought, there has to be a place to get these things cheaper.

Then it hit me -!

So I went to check and guess what, with Subscribe and Save, I was able to buy the appleapple Go Go Squeeze flavor for just $0.61 each. Yay!

We've got a lot of picnics and car trips in our future and this will make them easier. Now I just need to find a place to keep these so the girls don't get into them.

How do you keep fruit safe and cold when you travel or have a picnic?

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