Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mary Needs - A Google Exercise

Inspired by a previous post where I shared the results of a Google search for "Charlotte Needs," I decided to repeat the idea for Mary, just to find out what she might be needing right now. Here are my 13 favorite results:

  1. Mary needs the lamb in school: Really? She doesn't even go to school yet!
  2. Mary needs Facebook: Daddy has already taken care of that and has created Mary's Facebook page. I'm still not sure why though.
  3. Mary needs saving: So true, but we don't expect her to make that kind of decision just yet.
  4. Mary needs sleep: Every day. About 14 hours of it too. She gets 12 or so at night and then another 2 while she naps.
  5. Mary needs coffee: I think they got Mary mixed up with her momma on this one. Because I'm the one who needs coffee. About 3 cups every morning.
  6. Mary needs shadows: I guess if we think about this in the bigger picture it makes sense. If Mary gets her shadows, it means she is also getting sunlight. And that's an important source of Vitamin D.
  7. Mary needs to row her boat across a 120 meter river, walk 4 miles, drive for 20 minutes, etc...: Apparently, Mary is a busy girl because she shows up in a lot of words problems on math sites.
  8. Mary needs to go back to the kitchen: Really? Because I keep trying to get her OUT of the kitchen, especially when I am cooking dinner.
  9. Mary needs Medicare coverage: Huh? Oh well, I guess that is what happens when your parents give you an old lady name... you sometimes get confused with the AARP set.
  10. Mary needs sugar: No she doesn't. I assure you, she gets lots of sugar from Mommy and Daddy all the time. She's pretty sweet just as she is.
  11. Mary needs a new picture: Ok, I'll concede this one. I haven't busted out my camera recently and taken any new pictures. I'll get on that.
  12. Mary needs a housekeeper: For sure this is true! Jennifer needs one too!
  13. Mary needs fans: Yep, that's the truth! So be sure to leave a comment below and tell her how much you adore her! I'll read her all of the loving comments.

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  1. Mary, I think you are a super sweet little girl. you are a great playmate to your sister and friends. Jesse loves his friends Mary & Charlotte! We love you and your whole family! {And I hope you get a little sugar this weekend!}


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