Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Review: Pro Flowers

I suppose you could say that one of the perks of having a blog people read is that companies want me to review their product and share my opinions about it. It happened again last week when I was offered a chance to review a birthday basket from ProFlowers.com. After looking over their site, I decided that if someone was going to send me a basket for my birthday, I'd like One Sweet Mix.

The box waited for me when I came home from a playdate, just a couple of days after I ordered and exactly on the day they promised. I love fresh pears and chocolates so didn't waste any time getting it open. Everything was securely packed and the fruit was perfectly ripe. None of it really lasted very long (because we ate it!), though we do have the caramel popcorn still because I am saving that as a bribe for Charlotte, for when I really need it. I even got to teach my husband how to eat a pistachio and remember how much I enjoyed their flavor.

Seeing as I am back on Weight Watchers, I really only had one problem with my gift. The nutritional information included did not entirely line up with the items in my box. It is a picky detail really, seeing as the content's listed on the website matched what I received. But since I count points and need the nutritional information, it was something I noticed. In encouraging news, I did contact ProFlowers.com to give them a chance to address the issue and they apologized and admitted it wasn't very professional of them and they would strive to do better in the future.

One neat feature on their site is the ability to choose your basket based on when you need it delivered. This is particularly useful I imagine if you need to have something delivered quickly. They have a rush delivery feature that, even as I finish this post at 10:24 pm, it says my item will be delivered tomorrow. I'd have to choose from a select group of items, but there is a wide variety even in that group. All that being said, if you asked me where you could find a quality gift basket online, I would tell you to go to ProFlowers.com.

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  1. OH! How lucky you are to be able to review something so YUMMY! Maybe I'll get delicious reviews like this in the future!


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