Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Blog Designs

Did you know I have two daughters? Not from looking at my blog design you didn't. It's sad y'all. Mary turned 10 months old yesterday and I still don't have a new design to reflect the foursome that our family has become. 

Seriously, I need to redesign my blog. The task seems huge. I have so many ideas and really no ideas all at the same time. (Ok, that makes sense in my head!) I'd like to know, who did you use for your blog design? I want something simple, that I will still be able to play with and adjust as things change around here. But I don't want to spend a lot of money.

Can you help a mom out and point her to some quality redesign companies?


  1. I used all free stuff for my blog. I went to shabbyblogs.com, the cutestblogontheblock.com, and just googled blog buttos for my side links (using photobucket to adjust them myself). My header came from shabbyblogs, and I used Adobe Fireworks to add the text and picture (easier than photoshop if you haven't taken a class in it, which I haven't). Don't know if that's what your looking for, but I hope it helps!

  2. That's supposed to say "blog buttons" not "buttos" :)

    And I didn't adjust the buttons...I adjusted my post dividers using photobucket...sorry, I got confused!

  3. I'd go to Wordpress. There are many customizable themes, and they are very easy to use.

  4. Hi! I'm following you now from MBC! I know that shabbyblogs.com is cute. I'm with wordpress and like it a lot. The free version is cool. Typepad although you have to pay for it...I did their free trial just to see what it was all about and they have some cute themes too. The other thing I have seen is the really cute blogs...usually have the name of their blog designer somewhere on their blog...you could check them out. Probably not that helpful...but I think your blog is cute! :-)

  5. I'm with blogger and use LeeLou Blogs for both of my blogs. You can find them at:


    I love her designs and they are so easy to use.

    I'm following you now. Thanks for following my blog today. =0)

    Tina "The Book Lady"
    In case you don't remember me:

  6. Me, me, me!!! haha I do blog design :) I also do transfers from Blogger to Wordpress (including hosting!) and have a sale going on right now until Wednesday... *shameless self promotion* If I can help you, let me know!


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