Saturday, July 03, 2010

I Lost Something This Morning

This morning was a great morning to run. By 6 am there was just enough light to see where I was going. The day was filled with promise and hope. By 7 am when I was done, it was clear this is going to be an overcast and rainy day.

And somewhere between 6 am and 7 am, about the time I hit the end of mile 2 on my run around Lake Hollingsworth this morning, I lost something. It wasn't something I really liked anyway. I won't even miss it. And honestly, I hope it dove into the lake and drowned.

It was a little part of the old me. She just decided she couldn't keep up with my new, faster pace. She wanted to walk. I wanted to run. So we parted ways. With it, she took her head first, hunched should running posture. I kept my feet first, push off on the toes running stride. What a difference that made!

Saying good by to the old me feels good. Really good.

What are you saying good by to this week?


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