Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Random Happenings at the Family Musings House

Charlotte was in a cupcake eating contest. She came in 4th place. Out of 4 kids. I think she was confused by what she was supposed to do. She just worked on the frosting mostly. If she is going to be a competitive eater, she better practice some more!

Mary enjoys eating a wide variety of foods, unlike her older sister who just wants animal crackers, pretzels, or goldfish most days. She tried snow peas this week and really liked them.

Oh, and she has 4 teeth now. And enjoyed some blueberries.

Daddy was in a pie eating contest. He came in 2nd place out of 8 people. His efforts were valiant but he couldn't keep up with the guy twice his size who won 1st place.

We still like going to First Friday in downtown Lakeland. That is where Bruce and Charlotte made their amateur competitive eating appearances. And we check out the old cars every month, even though they are always the same cars.

I made an pretty decent at home version of my favorite Buffalo Chicken Wrap. Angela would be happy with it, and that's important.

For our date night in July, Bruce and I both took a step closer to cardiovascular disease. It was worth it.

 We also took time to pose for a picture. Flying Tigers games are one of our favorite dates. They are cheap ($5 per person) and we get to talk while having something mildly interesting to look at.

Mary can fall asleep in Daddy's arms pretty easily. It's cute.


  1. Okay,that burger? LOOKS AHHHHMAZING! And a $5 date? I might be a bit jealous! The girls are getting so big- and they are both so beautiful!

  2. Mary is so cute, especially the one where she's sleeping on her dad's arms. Charlotte looks very innocent and beautiful as well. You have a really nice family. :)


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