Thursday, July 15, 2010

Family Love Languages

Yesterday in my post about potty training Charlotte, I mentioned that I think her love language is Words of Affirmation. I am only assuming this based on experience as I haven't read the book about children's love languages and how to determine what they are.

But I do know that understanding the love languages of the people in your house is so important. Knowing which love language my husband speaks helps me serve him better. The fact that he also knows my love language is primarily Words of Affirmation also helps our marriage be stronger. He can speak to me in my heart's language instead of watching me languish, feeling unloved.

I know a couple that has completely opposite love languages. They have to work VERY HARD to speak one anothers language. Their love for one another comes at a personal cost. Fortunately, they are a dedicated couple and have a strong desire to see their marriage not only survive, but thrive.

Do you know your love language? (Your choices are Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Receiving Gifts, Acts of Service, and Physical Touch.) Do you know your spouses? What about your children? How do you think your life might be better if the people around felt loved in a way that spoke to their heart instead of your heart?

Imagine the husband whose love language is touch, but his wife's is acts of service. He is constantly trying to be next to her and hold her hand, and all she wants is for him to take out the trash with out being asked. That would really ring her bell and instead she is trying to swat his hand off her behind every 5 minutes. He isn't just being a 'typical' guy, he is trying to express love in the way that feels most natural to him - in his own love language.

By no means am I a marriage or love languages expert. I just know it has helped me in lots of relationships in my life. While browsing to get more info about children's love language, I saw they have 30-question quiz you can take to find out your own love language. That is a good place for any of us to start. I've embedded it below for you to try it out. The information about children's love languages is coming soon according to their site.

If you click over to the Assessment tab on you can see there is also a quiz for determining your Apology Love Language. I didn't even know that existed! Now I have some more learning to do myself.

I hope you found this link and quiz useful. I'll also add the quiz to the bottom of the blog (it is too wide for my sidebar) so you can share it with your friends. Please leave a comment sharing your own love language or experience with using them.

(Disclosure: Since I do so many other reviews on this site, I wanted to let you know that this review was prompted entirely by my own search to learn more about Love Languages. I was asked by nobody to share the quiz or website with you.)

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