Friday, July 09, 2010

Mary is 10 Months Old

I can hardly believe that Mary is now 10 months old! While some days have been painfully slow, these last 10 months really have gone by so fast. I've made lots of new friends and mostly adjusted to being a mom of 2.

Mary has been growing in so many ways:
  • She is pulling up on anything we let her get near and even started taking some steps along the couch while holding on to it. 
  • Her pacifier is still a constant companion. 
  • When she sleeps, her legs are tucked under her and her arms go under her body. It is funny to watch her each night as she settles into such an odd position.
  • She can laugh like crazy if you catch her just right. Mary especially enjoys watching other people make a fool of themselves. Crazy faces and noises illicit the best laughs.
  • Turkey and Vegetables is her favorite jar food. She sucked down an entire jar in about 2 minutes just last night.
  • When she drinks her bottle she is all business. It is rare for her to stop until the bottle is dry. But when she is done, she is really, really done.
  • Without a doubt, Mary's favorite place to sleep is right next to me. I don't complain though. She is super snuggly. Other people can get her to sleep too though.
  • Her hitch crawl is almost gone, though she does use it for the first and last crawl often.
  • Antoinette, her physical therapist, is pleased with her progress and thinks that after our appointment next week, Mary will just need to come every other week. Speech therapy is already every other week.
  • Paper is still Mary's favorite toy. She likes to crinkle and tear it. This isn't good news for Charlotte's coloring books, but it pleases Mary.
  • When Mary is tired or hungry, holding her is a must if you want the room to be quieter. I think if you are holding she knows sleep or food is coming, but once you put her down she doubts it.
  • Another of her favorite past times is pulling our "shoe bucket" off of its shelf and scattering ALL of the shoes around her. (She's doing it right now as I type this up.)
  • Mary doesn't have stranger anxiety, and for the most part, as long as she can see see either Bruce, Charlotte, or me, she is fine. Sometimes though, if I am leaving, Bruce has to distract her in another room until I am gone. Then she is fine.
  • Mary's smile is beautiful. Her hair is growing in slowly, and looks to be fine and thin with a slight wave, just like her big sister's hair.
  • She likes to grab her sister's cereal bowl. Even when we try to put it up on the couch. Mary's reach is getting longer. 
  • Hair is a new passion for her, either pulling mine or pulling Charlotte's. Hopefully this is just a phase.
  • Mary can sign milk, but that's about it. We'll be working on the sign language with her more soon because she still hasn't decided to talk much.
  • Last week at the park, Mary sat on our blanket for 2 hours without getting into anything, happy to just watch the people around her. The other moms were a little jealous. :)
 We love you Marykins! Please don't grow up too fast.


  1. Don't forget that the person who gets the most laughs out of Mary is Charlotte. Mary will laugh at just about anything Charlotte does for her, but Mary especially loves watching Charlotte dance or jump.


  2. I'm glad that Mary is progressing so well. Our lo didn't talk until 1 years old. She signed.

  3. Ok, well... I'm interested to know... does a shoe bucket work?

  4. @Michelle T - It sure does! I don't like shoes worn in my house. My almost 3 year old is trained so that, when she comes in the door, her socks and shoes goes in the shoe bucket. It is actually a canvas basket. I clean the socks out of it every week or so when I do her laundry.


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