Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Time For New Clothes

Charlotte has been wearing size 18 month clothing since she was about 20 months old. She has always been on the tiny side so I didn't anticipate moving her out of those clothes for quite some time. And that time is now. Not because she gained a lot of weight, but because she is getting taller and well, her head is getting bigger

Yep. Big surprise there. I am raising a daughter with a big head. I'm sure it doesn't have anything to do with all of the people in her life who tell her how smart she is. That can't be it.

She won't tolerate pulling tight shirts over her head very well so I have no pictures of that, but I can show you that she is getting taller.

First piece of evidence:

When she first wore this outfit at 20 months, it dragged on the ground. Now, well, yeah, you can see for yourself.

And as an aside... I was planning this post yesterday because I have finally switched Charlotte into her 24 month wardrobe (except for some pants, she still has an itsy-bisty waist). While working on that project, I had  few gifts for Mary to put away, including some clothing. I thought I was all done when I found one more outfit. Since I didn't feel like getting the 9 month clothing box out, I just put it on top of the dresser to deal with later.

Then, this morning, when Charlotte came down stairs, all I could do was laugh.

Because Bruce thought the new 9-month outfit was Charlotte's new pajamas. And they fit!


  1. Amazing that 9 month pjs fit her!!

    At least with my experience - the kids' head and bodies eventually even out.

    Both my kids had very large heads and until about the age of 1.5 had very very roly poly chubby bodies to match.

    BUT now (age 7 & 10) they are both sticks! I feed them plenty but must be all their energy burning off the calories...

  2. yeah, Kasey is the same way...tiny waist, she will be five in January and most of her shorts are 24 months...her jeans are adjustable waist...also, both of my girls have what their dad so lovingly refers to as "watermelon heads"...LOL, you know me, I have a big head, so it must come from my side of the family.

  3. Old Navy carries size 18-24 months, which are a little smaller in the waist in the pants...these are doing better on Fischer since he's at that in-between size too!

  4. Awww! They do look cute on her!

    After always having to get the big months out for Esme, it's kind of nice for her to finally be wearing the "right" size - a 2T to 3T in most things... She went from 97+% percentile to 50% percentile - I'm not sure if that's good or not, but she looks perfectly healthy, so I'm not worried. It's amazing how things will fit one day, and then all of a sudden not, though.


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