Sunday, October 04, 2009

First Fall Playdate

Yay! The weather has finally given us a glimmer of Fall here in FL. I know it is fleeting, but we took advantage of it and met some friends at a local park for the first playdate of Fall.

Swings and bright blue skies are a great combination!

Follow the leader... anyone else surprised that Charlotte isn't in the front?

This is Charlotte telling me she is scared to get on a toy dragon that I had just seen her sitting on a few moments earlier.

I told Charlotte to say 'cheese' for the camera and instead she decided to pretend she had her own camera and was taking my picture.

But lest I think she was going to stand still for too long, she made a mad dash for the gate. Fortunately, we are working on obedience and she stopped when she got to the gate.

Given the chance, she will always swing.

And that's it... time to go home!


  1. I love the picture in the swing! And I'm with Charlotte, I'd rather swing, too.

  2. The photo of Charlotte on the swing is awesome. She was "playing nice" and waiting her turn. Love the sweatshirt.


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