Thursday, October 01, 2009

My Mom's Scrapbook - Part 11

Missions has always been important to me. I went on a couple of trips with my youth group as a teenager and continued that when I went to college. After my freshman year of college, I applied to do a 10 week summer missions trip through the FL Baptist Convention. They sent me to South Dakota with 3 other students from USF. I was the lone UM student  that summer.

Before we left, there was a commissioning ceremony at Lake Yale, a Baptist campground in FL. This is where I met Christian and Matt of my team. Vickie couldn't make it, so one of her friends stood in for this picture. I'm the short one in the group.

I was very blessed to have so many people who loved me come to the commissioning service. In the top picture on this page are my friends Michelle and Mandy from high school as well as a former Sunday School teacher, and youth group leader. Oh, and my mom is in the picture too. :)

My summer in South Dakota was a mixed one. Fortunately, my team got along really well with one another, but not so much with the man in charge of us. He was grouchy and didn't seem to have his heart in it. I found out just this past year that he resigned shortly after we left at the request of the association. It was good to know all these years later even, that it wasn't us, but him.

My new life in Lakeland comes with a funny coincidence related to that summer too. I was sitting in my adult woman's Bible study class one Sunday morning when the substitute teacher mentioned her summer in South Dakota doing missions work from an RV. I had already thought her voice sounded familiar so I asked, "Did you work with 4 college students that summer?" "Yes," she said. to which I replied, "I was one of them!"

Garnett and her husband Charlie had spent most of the summer with us helping coordinate and organize our various activites with area churches, and now, 12 years later, here she was teaching my new Bible study class. She loves to tell the story about how we met to anyone who will listen. I don't think there is a soul at our church that doesn't know how Garnett and I met all those years ago in South Dakota.

Next week (or whenever I get the post written), I'll share a little about my 4 years at the University of Miami before I wrap up this trip down memory lane.

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