Thursday, October 08, 2009

Ducks & Pumpkins - 2009 Pumpkin Edition

Last year, I took Charlotte to play in a local pumpkin patch and feed the ducks with our long lost friends Cayman and Jackie. I decided to take Charlotte back this year, along with Mary, to play among the pumpkins.

When we arrived, after losing a shoes first, Charlotte decided the pumpkins needed to be rearranged. Good thing most of them were "too heavy!" for her.

Did you know pumpkins make cool drums? Especially orange and white striped pumpkins. Or so Charlotte says.

Time for the annual blessing of the pumpkins...

More drumming and more declaring, "mine! mine!" God forbid another child, even her friend Fischer, try to play with one of "her" pumpkins.

I really wanted to get a great shot of Charlotte looking right into the camera amidst this great field of pumpkins... this is what I got instead. Repeatedly. The girl won't sit still!

Oh wait! There is her face! But not for long... she was on a mission to tire mommy out!

Finally! A child that can't run away and carry pumpkins to new spots.

Good thing I have a new, faster camera... Charlotte stayed here for .03 seconds!

Charlotte's mind moves as fast as her little body and this small gourd was both a tree and an umbrella. So creative!

Have you visited any pumpkin patches yet?


  1. Nope, but we are headed there today after the air conditioning is fixed in the car. Hopefully we can get some cute pics of our little guy.

  2. She is such a doll! I love the "annual pumpkin blessing" - I laughed out loud!

  3. i know that pumpkin patch and those ducks! i can't believe how big charolette has gotten! and now she's gotten an even larger pumpkin! great pics! miss y'all!


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