Saturday, October 03, 2009

Remembering Year(s) Gone By

Amazingly enough, Charlotte seems to be adjusting to having a new baby sister very well. Or so I have been telling everyone.

But then, we found her the other day trying to fit back into the Baby Bjorn. :)

Bruce and I used to wear her in the Baby Bjorn everywhere! It must have felt like a second home to her. I guess she was trying to relive her youth. :)

3 months old at a construction site...

 At Sea World later that same month...

Showing our friend Carolyn around Disney at 7 months old...

And fast asleep at 13 months old, also at Disney.

I can remember lots of other times she hung out in my Baby Bjorn, but I just didn't make it a habit to take my camera to the grocery store, the drug store, or for one of my walks around the neighborhood.

What did you first child try to get back into when baby number 2 came along?


  1. Yep....they all love just being right next to Mommy and Daddy's body don't they?

  2. That is too funny...Matthew was such a Goliath baby, he outgrew his carrier before he was 6 months old! I couldn't hold his weight anymore and his chunky legs wouldn't fit through!

    Charlotte looks very proud of herself, by the way. I bet she figured it out, didn't she?


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