Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My Mom's Scrapbook - Part 12

College! While my mom didn't actually come to college with me, she managed to know all my friends names and favorite foods, and made sure to include them in this scrapbook that she gave me and that I am now sharing here.

The group of friends I had in college were great. Actually, they still are! In this first picture, I can say that I am still in touch with all but 3 of the people in it. After 11 years I think that is pretty good. Though, I have Facebook to thank for that. Without Facebook I would't know where at least 2 of them were.

You may be wondering what BSU stands for. No, it isn't the initials of my college. BSU stands for Baptist Student Union, the student organization I spent the most amount of time with during my days at the U. And that girl next to me, her name is Amy. She went on to become the Maid of Honor at my wedding. And then we lost touch. And now we are back in touch. Thanks Facebook!

I was surrounded by talented people in college. Some of them got together and formed a music group called "Sincerely His." I think they mostly did covers, but were working on some of their own music when they had creative differences and broke up. Now, if any of you former Sincerely His members are reading this and I got it wrong, let me know.

Just before my Sophomore year of college, on my way home from South Dakota, I stopped in North Carolina to attend the national BSU meeting at Ridgecrest. Pictured with me is my friend Dracey. She practically lived in my dorm room for the second half of my freshman year and then we went on to become roommates in the upstairs apartment of the BSU building. Sadly, we had too much of a good thing, and like many friendships hit some rough patches. But now, we are friends again and I am excited to share that Dracey is going to become a momma real soon!
(A group shot of the Miami BSU on a mountain in North Carolina)

And the top of this last page is oddly blank. I have no idea what my mom intended to put there. But, again, I am out to eat with my friends. I am pretty sure both of the restaurant photos were taken at Swenson's across the street from the University of Miami. They must have had decent food if we went there so often, or at least cheap food.

Where did you hang out with all of your friends while you were in college?

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